1.Ecstatic, joyous and thrilled is what I am to have been part of this amiable family. The small footsteps as a perplexed dental student here have shaped me into an undeterred dentist today. The independent but yet guided approach of our adept professors and staff always made it simple and as a strong willed dentist. The effort by our university in arranging camps and facilities gave me ample exposure. Also the privilege of not having PGs during internship helped me tremendously to train myself with incredible and difficult cases. It also aided in discovering my passion within for orthodontics. Apart from all the academic enhancement the college has provided, the students and staff have helped developed exemplary interpersonal skills. All the inter and intra collegiate competitions were loads of fun only to be reminisced now! Thanks a ton for the nostalgic and cherished memories!

2. Chettinad has molded me into who I am today as a dentist. Adequate training, skilled professionals and excellent teachers have ensured that every student leaves the college having learnt abundantly and aspires to become the best in whatever they choose to do.

3. One of my best schools where i have learnt the meaning of education and teachers.

4. It has one of the best work atmosphere. Any student can approach professors who take so much effort for their growth to become very fine dental professionals.

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