The department aims to make the Oral health care readily available, accessible, and affordable to the community. To benefit the underprivileged and underserved rural population, we the department of Public Health Dentistry organize outreach activities for their benefit through a well-equipped team of faculties, postgraduates, interns, and undergraduate students trained for the same. The department is organized with well-qualified and trained staff members to envision the students in their curriculum, to motivate them in various innovative activities like health education projects, a celebration of national commemorative days, participation in various interdepartmental and intradepartmental activities to inculcate them with quality rich education. The department provides enhanced support and motivation for tobacco users through a tobacco cessation clinic, a separate provision under the supervision of the head of the department. The ultimate goal of the clinic is to help users to quit/ refrain from the habit and, in general create awareness to them on the ill effects of tobacco on Oral health, thereby striving to promote a tobacco free environment.

Areas of Expertise:

    1. Promotion of practical efforts in disease prevention, health promotion, and service delivery.
    2. Expansion of dental public health knowledge base and fostering competency in its practice.
    3. Identification of critical diagnostic markers for effective prevention.
    4. Establishing Health education platforms.
    5. Organizing Door to door campaigns.
    6. Initiating large scale screening camps.
    7. Monitoring student discussion forums.
    8. Heading national conferences on public health concerns.
    9. Celebrating national and international events as a tool to create awareness.
    10. Regulating community efforts to promote dental health.
    11. Promoting active research on topics of current oral health issues.
    12. Facilitating a well regulated tobacco cessation clinic.
    13. Developing proficiency in community diagnosis.
    14. Establishing effective prevention and treatment protocol.


Public Health Dentistry
Dr. Jagannatha G V
MDS Professor & HOD
Dr. Nagappan N
MDS Reader
Dr. Nagaland. T
MDS Reader
Dr. Cyril Benedict.H
MDS Sr.Lecturer
MDS Sr.Lecturer
MDS Sr.Lecturer

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