1.2.2 Completion Certificate of Add on Course
1.3.4 Completion certificates of Clinical & Industry internships
3.1.1 Guideship letters
3.4.2 Yearwise Summary Student List and Reports of the Outreach and Extension activities
3.5.1 Activity report & Amount generated with Collaborative Activities
4.2.4 Documents of Resident Facility
5.1.1 Attested Copies of Sanctioned Letters
5.1.1 List of Students Benefited From Scholarships
5.1.3 Activity Report of Career Guidance Programs Conducted
5.1.3 List Of Participants In Career Guidance Programs
5.1.5 Grievance Redressal Mechanism
5.1.5 Grievance Redressal Report
5.2.1 Pass Certificate Of The Qualifying Examinations
5.2.1 List of Students
5.2.2 Annual Reports of Placement Cell
5.2.3 Number of Last Batch of Graduated Students who have Progressed to Higher Education
5.3.1. Certificates Awarded For Sports And Cultural Events
5.4.2 Alumni Association Contributions
6.3.2 Number of teachers provided with financial support
6.3.2 Audited acc statement for financial assistance
6.3.2 e-copy of financial assistance


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