International Students Cell

The International Student Cell was established in year 2014 as an independent unit of Chettinad Dental College to promote a global perspective in the teaching and research programs of the College. The Centre works as a liaison office between international students, foreign mission, and national agencies, on the one hand and on the other the college administration. This cell caters to the requirement of foreign students. This cell extends meet and greet service for the international students, health and welfare.

Chettinad Dental College and Research Institute has a student manual which is available online, or sent by mail once the students have been offered an admission which contains useful information about preparing for studying abroad and what to expect when they arrive in the new environment.

This guide covers topics such as accommodation options, arranging medical insurance, tuition fee payments, visa requirements, budgeting for living expenses, and advice on what to bring along. There is a lot of information about the university, including important online resources, administrative departments, hospital information, sports centre and campus facilities.

We are introducing student mentoring schemes that start before student arrival. This means future students are matched up with current students, who then communicate, usually via email or phone (WhatsApp) in the months leading up to the start of the course. The idea is to ensure that international students feel welcomed into the student community before they even arrive, and know that there will be at least one friendly face waiting to greet them. The first few weeks of being an international student are likely to be the most obviously overwhelming.

The International Students Cell suggests them to arrive few days earlier than the rest of the student body, to give them a chance to get settled and acclimatized before the eventful really begins. This time is usually filled with an international student orientation program, designed to provide practical support and information, and also to encourage international students to get to know one another. International Student Support Cell team is here to help the students on number of other concerns as well.

At CDCRI, we provide a number of other support services for international students which are available through International Student Support Cell.

Students can make a one-on-one appointment to speak to any student counsellors if they need through International Relations Office:

  • personal issues
  • problems with your study
  • financial issues
  • questions about your student visa or Confirmation of Enrolment

International students who have any support needed they may contact:

(Principal) Ph: +91-9094709000

Dr.Sridhran.R.             (Head of the Department, Prosthodontics)
Dr.Dr.Sadasiva             (Head of the Department, Conservative and Endodontics)
Dr.Anitha. V                (Head of the Department, Periodontics)
Dr.Daya Srinivasan      (Head of the Department, Pedodontics)
Dr.Saravanan. S          (Head of the Department, Orthodontics)
Dr.Christify                  (Head of the Department, Oral Medicine and Radiology)
Dr.Jaganatha G.V         (Head of the Department, Public Health Dentistry)


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