Patient Testimonial

I, Bilquis Mondal, have undergone my Dental treatment in Chettinad Hospital, Kelambakkam. I am highly satisfied with the treatment done in this hospital that has made me write this feedback and review.

No doubt the hospital is highly maintained, ventilated and sanitized, but it is also highly spacious and systematic.

I sincerely thanks to Dr.Sridaran, HOD of the hospital who have trained his doctors very efficient and disciplined.

Dr.Selvamani has personally took all the responsibility of my teeth right from root canal treatment till putting crown on it. He has put all his efforts in co-ordinating with various doctors and staff and did his best to finish the treatment in time more efficiently and more conveniently in spite of his other patients schedule. I am thankful to Dr.Selvamani for his wonderful work he has done and wish him all the best for his bright future.

I also thanks to Dr.Venkateshwar for his guidance and advice to me during my first visit about how to proceed ahead with my dental treatment, which was helpful in understanding my treatment.
In general, all the doctors and staff working here are highly supportive and follow advanced techniques to make their patient comfortable and healthful.

Thanking once again to all doctors and staff.

Best Regards
Belquis Mondal

Special Patient, Thanking Dr Harish, Post Graduate and Kudiarasi, Intern
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