Periodontology is the branch of dentistry which deals with the study of the normal structures of periodontium that is, the tissues and bone immediately surrounding the teeth, their functions in health and disease. Periodontics deals with the preventive and corrective measures in the management of gingival and periodontal diseases. We also perform aesthetic surgeries like periodontic plastic surgeries to provide a beautiful smile. The advanced periodontal surgeries using laser technology was introduced in the department in the year 2011. The advantages of laser surgeries are that they are, bloodless, painless, less time consuming with   increased zone of patient comfort.  We have performed over 150 cases of laser surgeries in a short span of six months. Dental implantology focuses on replacement of missing tooth using dental implants. We have also performed many dental implant surgeries till date. Throughout the history of mankind it has been stated that oral health affects general health. This branch of dentistry also deals with periodontal medicine which focuses on the management of oral disease which prevents systemic disease.

Our areas of expertise:
1. Non surgical management of periodontal diseases
          Oral Hygiene maintenance like Scaling and root planning
          Administration of local drug delivery agents
2. Periodontal flap surgeries
3. Regenerative   periodontal surgeries
          Bone grafts
          GTR membranes
4. Periodontal plastic surgeries
          Crown lengthening
          Gingival depigmentation
          Root coverage procedures like
              1. Pedicle graft
              2. Connective tissue graft
              3. Free gingival graft
              4. Bridge flap
5. Advanced periodontal surgeries
          Dental implant surgeries
          Laser periodontal surgeries
          Periodontal Microsurgeries


Dr. Anitha V
MDS, MFDSRCPS Professor & HOD 044 47418360
Dr. M. Shanmugam
M.D.S., MBA(HRM)., Professor
Dr. Ashwath Balachandran
MDS Reader
Dr. Agila S
MDS Sr. Lecturer
MDS Sr.Lecturer
Dr. Nikita Ravi MDS Sr.Lecturer
Dr. Dianna S
BDS Tutor

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